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Camp Bark Terms & Conditions

Camp Bark employs the following policies to keep our campers, staff, and clients safe. 

1. All campers must be spayed/ neutered by one year of age to attend Camp Bark. Puppies under 1 year of age may attend unaltered and will play in separate playgroups from unaltered, puppies of the alternate gender. For their safety female puppies that enter their heat cycle before being spayed will not be permitted to attend Camp Bark while on their cycle. If a puppy enters their cycle while at Camp Bark they will be removed from their playgroup for their safety, and you will be contacted. We will require pick up as soon as possible.

2. All campers must have the following vaccines to attend. (Proof of titers accepted)

  • Rabies

  • Bordetella

  • Parvovirus/Distemper

3. All dogs must enter and exit the Camp Bark building on leash/lead. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT OF THE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. Your dog must be on leash AND the leash must be in your hand the entire distance from the car to the building.

4. All medications and supplements must be in their original container with your dog's name and the correct dosage clearly marked. Loose pills/tablets and those in incorrectly marked bottles will not be accepted. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT OF THE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE.

5. To help prevent transmission of disease within our facility dogs displaying symptoms of illness will not be permitted to attend Camp Bark. Please keep your dog home if they display any of the following symptoms

o Coughing
o Sneezing
o Repeated vomiting
o Open wounds
o Mouth sores/oral papillomas
o Worms in stool
o Conjunctivitis/Eye discharge

If your dog is at Day Camp with us and shows any of the above symptoms, we will isolate your dog from the others and contact you for immediate pick up. If your dog is boarding with us and pick up that day is not possible, we will isolate your dog from the others and contact you and our veterinarian. If we feel your dog needs to be seen, we will handle the logistics of that. If your preferred vet is outside our area, or unavailable, we will schedule an appointment with a local veterinarian we trust. Any Vet expenses incurred while in our care will be charged to your account.

6. All Dogs must be on monthly tick and flea preventative. If your dog is found to have any of the above they will be treated at their owner's expense
7. Camp Bark office hours and holiday closures are absolute. Any exceptions are subject to approval by management, availability of staff, and a $50 convenience fee. Exceptions cannot be made during holiday boarding.

8. Camp Bark only boards dogs that are social and enjoy the company of other dogs. To ensure that your dog is a good fit for this type of environment, all dogs must attend an evaluation day of Day Camp before any boarding reservations can be submitted/approved. Boarding reservations may be submitted following a successful evaluation day at checkout. *NOTE: Camp Bark highly recommends you schedule and complete your dog's evaluation day ASAP. We fill up fast and we cannot reserve your dates until your dog has passed his/her evaluation.

9. Cancellations: Boarding: 35% deposit required to hold your reservation during peak times; deposit will be forfeited if cancelled with less than 2 week's notice.

Peak times:

Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day
Week of Thanksgiving
Week of Christmas
Week of New Year's
Week of Easter

Day Camp: A $20 fee will apply to Day Camp reservations cancelled with less than 24 hour's notice. No shows will be charged the full daily rate.

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