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Camp Bark FAQs

How much playtime does my dog receive? 

Our facility operates on a playgroup rotation schedule. Each playgroup goes out to the playyard for 10 -15 minutes of intense playtime (time based on weather), and then returns to their personal cabin for 30 -45 minutes while other playgroups go outside. Each group gets out Approximately once per hour, sometimes more depending on the number of dogs here. 

My dog is boarding will he/she get to play outside? 

Yes, ALL DAY PLAY is included in the boarding price. Your overnight Camper will also get extra playtime once day Camp goes home after dinner.

Can you administer insulin? 

At this time Camp Bark is unable to administer insulin and is not the right fit for Diabetic Dogs.

One of my dogs isn’t friendly can he still come to Camp? 

Camp Bark is a social setting and is not the right fit for dogs that dislike the company of other dogs. We highly recommend in home sitting for dogs that are uncomfortable in the presence of other dogs to minimize their stress during your trip.

Do you offer Grooming appointments? 

Camp bark does not have a groomer on staff. At this time We only offer basic exit baths and nail trims.


Can my dogs share a space while boarding? 

Yes, we have larger “Family Cabins” available for dogs that wish to board together for their comfort. However, it is the same price for individual cabins as it is the shared family Cabin.

One of My dogs is under 35 lbs and the other is over 35 lbs can they still play/sleep together?

We can always make arrangements for your dogs to sleep together! Whether they play together is decided on a case-by-case basis to make sure both of your campers have the best time possible and friends that suit their play style.

Will my dogs be separated while they eat? 

Yes, all campers are separated while eating unless otherwise requested by their parents. In rare cases some dogs will refuse to eat unless their sibling is with them in which case a Camp Counselor will sit with them while they eat to make sure they only eat their food.

Do you have Cameras so we can watch the dogs play? 

At this time our cameras are for security purposes only and are not accessible by clients. 

Do you offer tours? 

Unfortunately, since we are an all day play facility we have dogs moving through the building constantly as we rotate playgroups. This makes it unsafe to bring Clients into the back areas of our facility. However, when you bring your dog in for their evaluation day we would be happy to let you view our security cameras for a quick virtual tour of our facility!

How do you structure Play Groups? 

Playgroups are created based on size, temperament and playstyle. Each group is no bigger than 10 dogs and personalized to ensure every dog is having the best time possible

My dog is drinking a lot when he gets home did he/she drink during the day? 

Fresh drinking water is available in all play yards and cabins at all times. There are many reasons your dog may be drinking more water than usual when they get home the most common being that dogs, puppies especially, will sometimes be so interested in watching what’s going on around them, sniffing new smells, and playing with friends that they forget to drink as much as they should during the day.

My Vaccines won’t upload to Paw Partner

In order for the Vaccines to save in Paw Partner you must enter all expiration dates into the required fields, upload a picture or file of your dogs’ vaccine records as proof of vaccination, and hit save. If you have completed all of these steps and they are still not saving please send the records to and a staff member will be happy to help you upload them from our end.


What does reservation pending mean?

A pending reservation has not been approved by a staff member yet. Your reservation may be pending if your profile is missing vaccine records, if you have unsigned user agreements, or if your Camper has not yet attended their evaluation day. If your profile is complete and remains pending for more than 24 hours please contact our office.

What does reservation waitlisted mean?

The dates you have requested are currently fully booked. We have added you to our wait list and will notify you as soon as a spot becomes available.

Do dogs have access to water? 

Yes, of course!  There is fresh drinking water available at all times in the play yards and their personal cabins. They will also have access to our sprinkler, doggie pools, and splash pad during pool season.

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